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Thread: Do SSI disability benefits affect my ability to receive food stamps?

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    Do SSI disability benefits affect my ability to receive food stamps?

    right now i'm getting food stamps and state health insurance. Will i lose if i get disability.

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    State and federal governments offer various programs to help families and individuals struggling with unemployment, low income and other welfare needs. If you are receiving multiple state or federal benefits you may be wondering how they may affect each other.

    The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, allows certain families to purchase food.

    There is good news for SSI claimants. The value of food stamps does not count as countable income when the SSA is determining if you meet the income requirements for SSI and receiving SSI should not affect your ability to receive food stamps.

    The only exception is California where Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries receive a higher state cash supplemental benefit in lieu of food stamps. So if you live in California and you receive SSI, you may be ineligible for food stamps.

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    I am a disable person but I am not yet a citizen. Will I get any benefits?

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