Hello, I was on disability benefits for bipolar and I got a well paying job then was taken off benefits of course. The I quit the job cause they lowered my pay and I thought it was unfair. Got another job lined up and worked there for 3 weeks. The people were jerks so I left that job and was considered jobless for a month. I was running out of money so I got back on my benefits, they gave me a lump sum for October November and December. They are paying til February and I'm getting cut off again. I got yet another job in November and reported it to ssa. I was let go from that job in January due to poor production. (I'm not fast at anything I do.) And I reported this to ssa. I got another job now a week later after that job and I haven't been able to report it yet cause of the hours I work. But they are still cutting off my benefits after u tod them I lost the other job.

Okay, they said my period of eligibility was up in January and I had to fill out a new application. BUT my worker had told me this all got overrode before cause of the one job docking my pay for poor performance. Now it's being dropped and I don't understand. Also I thought my trial work period would start over since losing all these jobs and starting again. I read this was possible in actual social security paperwork.

I'm so confused??