Hello my benefits have been stopped as of this month. I was working a part time job for the longest time and still eligible for benefits then decided I was tired of counting hours and all so I got a real full time job and was taken off benefits. I lasted 3 months at this job and couldn't hack it cause my pay got docked for poor production. I got a write up and I started looking for other work. I got another job and quit that one. I worked 3 weeks at this new job and quit cause the people were jerks. I was jobless for all of October and got put back on benefits through expedited Reinstatement. She said I would have had to fill out a new application but the write up from the other job overrode it somehow.

So I got a job first thing in November and got paid for October November and December in a lump sum. I got January's check and lost this job in the middle of January again to low production. (I'm slow at everything I do.) Now social security is telling me they are stopping my benefits again even though I reported being jobless again. They are saying my period of eligibility ran out in January and I will have to fill out a new application.

I got another job a week after losing the last job but don't know if it will be like all the others and I'll lose it. I'm confused on what's going on cause I thought my trial work period would start over again. Please help.