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Thread: How can I get my SSDI benefits back?

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    How can I get my SSDI benefits back?

    i applied for social security benefits in the year of 2000, however: i relocated to new jersey, tried to work but cannot tolerate the requirements of the tasks because of my slipped disk in my back and my medical illiness. please assist me in recieveing my benefits so i can resume my living arrangements once again. thank you for taking out the time to review my concerns.

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    Help with your disability claim questions.
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    The SSA does have a reinstatment process for some claimants who attempt to return to work but who find they are unable. Unfortunately, it sounds like it has been too long for you to use this process. Most likely you will have to reapply. Contact the SSA or a disability lawyer for more information. General information for reinstating benefits is listed below:

    If you were receiving Social Security disability benefits and they were terminated because you returned to work and began performing substantial gainful activity (working more and making more money than the SSA allows), you have five years (60 months) to reinitiate disability benefits without filing a new disability application. The SSA will require you to provide your current medical information.

    The SSA will complete an expedited reinstatement. Your Social Security Disability information will be sent to the appropriate Disability Determinations Services Office in your state and they will determine if you are disabled, according to their definition. The medical condition that you are claiming does not allow you to work must be the same or related to the condition you had when the SSA determined you were initially disabled.

    The SSA will provide provisional payments for the disability determination period, up to six months. Medicaid or Medicare will also be provided.

    If the DDS determines you are not disabled, the provisional benefits will stop. Keep in mind, if your disability determination takes longer than 6 months, provisional payments will not continue but will be terminated after 6 months.

    Provisional payments made during the six month disability determination period will not be considered overpayments.

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