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Thread: Major Depression and disability

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    Major Depression and disability

    can u recieve disabilty for major depression

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    Help with your disability claim questions.
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    Yes, depression is considered a disability but let me qualify. There are two ways to earn disability from the Social Security Administration.

    1) The Social Security Admnistration maintains a list of all the conditions they consider automatically disabling. To qualify based on this listing, which is called the Social Security Listing of Medical Impairments, your condition must be as serious and meet all the criteria of the listing. The Blue Book (as the listing is informally called) can be found at the following address.

    2) You can imaging that many people do not have a condition which meets or exceeds this listing, but do not despair. You may also be approved for disability if you can prove your condition is so severe that it keeps you from doing substantial work. This can be proven with good medical records which document your functional limitations. With mental health disorders the SSA is going to evaluate many factors such as:

    Is the claimant taking their medication?
    Are they seeing a trained mental health provider?
    Do they have difficulty maintaining pace, persistence and concentration?
    Do they get along with others?
    Could they maintain a daily schedule?
    Do they have to have help taking care of their daily needs such as paying bills, shopping, cooking, or dressing?
    Have they lost weight?
    Do they have a low interest in activities?
    Do they have a marked difficulties in maintaining social functioning?
    Are there repeated episodes of decompensation and if so, how long do they last?

    If you have questions or if you have been denied already and need an attorney's assistance, fill out the FREE case evaluation for more information.

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