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Thread: At what age does disability stop?

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    At what age does disability stop?

    at what age does disability stop/

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    This question is a bit complicated:

    1. If you are child receiving SSI you can get it until you are under age 18; or you are under age 22 and you are a student regularly attending school (as determined by Social Security). After you turn 18 years of age, unless you are attending school, the SSA will terminate your SSI child's benefit and you would have to reapply as an adult (and meet the adult criteria).

    2. If you are receiving SSDI you will continue to get disability until the SSA determines you are no longer disabled, you return to work or you reach your full retirement age at which time your SSDI benefit is converted to a retirement benefits (you will not receive SSDI and SSA retirement benefits at the same time).

    3. If you are getting SSI you can receive benefits until you either return to work or the SSA determines you are no longer disabled.

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