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Thread: My husband gets disability. Can I get spousal benefits?

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    My husband gets disability. Can I get spousal benefits?

    my husband is collecting disability as his wife am i entitled to partial payment of his disability, or if i get diss can i get whicch is the greater of the 2 amounts

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    Spousal auxiliary benefits are offered to certain qualifying spouses of disability recipients who are getting SSDI. Review our blog, SSDI Spousal benefits with child in care for more specific information. If you do not qualify for auxiliary benefits you may apply on your own work record, assuming you are disabled, and see if you can get SSDI benefits. The other option if you are disabled but do not have enough work credits for SSDI is to see if you can get SSI, but because this benefit is only offered to those with very limited income and resources it is likely that your husband's SSDI payment could be too high for you to qualify for SSI benefits.

    If your spouse is getting SSI instead of SSDI than there are no family benefits offered.

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