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Thread: New Member considering Disability

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    New Member considering Disability


    I just joined your forum and have been doing plenty of reading. I myself am not on disability, but it is a potential that I could in time. I am on FMLA leave right now from my job due to Piriforum Syndrome. My job is very sendentary and this issue has been very troublesome. That compounded with crohn's disease (colon removed 3 years ago and now the disease has returned to the small bowel), upper back issues/pain that has not been resolved through PT, and chronic kidney disease which frankly they are just monitoring right now (no dialysis or anything like that). Oh yeah, plus a history of DVTs and PEs post surgery that alost took my life twice. You wouldn't know it to see me that I had all these issues and it surprises close friends when I do share this with them.

    Not sure I would qualify for disability and even if I could, not sure my body could withstand the stress after reading some of the posts. I actually have long term disability through my job but if approved, they do require you to at least apply for Social Security Diability after one year to see if they will approve.

    I will continue to get educated by reading the posts here and will take the disability test on this site later. Just thought I would drop a line and introduce myself.

    Best regards to all, Steve

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    Hi there! Welcome. having a disability is really hard but people doing their best to work hard despite their disability is a hero for me.

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