This is referencing only the private disability thru my employer. SSDI is not giving me a problem at all that is fine. I am under review with my employers private disability, the "any occupation" review. I just was curious is anyone had any experience with this under private disability. When I won SSDI in less than 60 days first try. The back pay was ALL given to the private disability company. This insurance should insure me until I am 65.

Also, my doctor has written the private insurance company two letters indicating I have been declared totally and permanently disabled unable to work in any capacity. On complete disability for life and unable to maintain gainful employment on any level. I discussed this with the disability company, and they said this did not matter at all he has to prove it???? Did a FCE said I could do sedentary work BUT ALSO STATED due to numerous other medical conditions they said gainful employment would me unlikely and it was reported the day after the exam, there were issues as a result of the test, which I understand also plays a role in the result.

How can they dismiss what my doctor has written? Its just been very stressful.