my names eric from brooklyn ny and am 46 years old. i have suffured with my lower back pain since i was around 19 years old and had just gotten use to the pain so i delt with it and it just became everyday life. around 3 years ago it started to get really bad and noticed the pain was now going to my hands my knees my hips and legs. am a construction worker by trade and have done hard labor all my life. then i started to notice that my body was slowing down and it was getting harder to do everyday things i would do in my life like cleaning bending shopping lifting .. then my body started feeling stiff and my mobility was going down hill fast. so few years back i went to get an xray and they found some bone spurs om my spine.
still tried to manage with the pain but i started getting worst . no its affecting my work my walking my sitting my standing and only find relief laying down. went to the orthopedic surgeon and they diagnosed me with degenerative joint disease spinal stenosis . they told me i had arthritis in my spine. they were also concerned because they gave me some kind of reflex test and didnt like the results sp told me to get an mri done of my neck to see if i have pintched nerves. they put me on meds meloxicam and that helps and keeps me comfortable and gave me a back brace . i have been out of work since 2010 so i applied for disability since i cant work or move anymore cause i didnt know what else to do . seen there doctors and was denied. they said they see i have some problems but can do light work.. ha ha whats that and where can i find a job like that . 2 years later still cant find anyone to hire me and even if they do hire me how long will they keep me when they see i cant be productive and only move at one speed slow.
i appealed it and have another court date on dec 12 since then i have seen there doctors 3 times so i have no idea if they would consider my case with what i have. also since then i have been going through deprssion and anxiety and to put the icing on the cake my vision has gotten bad and find i suffer from dry eye and my eye preassure is high. now am beeing monitored for glaucoma...

Name: john
Location: brooklyn ny
Age at Application: 45
Date Applied: 2011
Hearing Date: 12-12