I am a brand new member to this site and. I am looking forward to reading and understanding all of the valuable information from people who have been down a difficult road. I have been to so many sites about disability and still have not gotten direct information. I apologize in advance for poor typing skills.
I am 44 years old with spondylolesthesis l-5 s-1, bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing, and sciatica. Pain grades consistently 7 or above, and limited mobility. This was initially a workers comp issue over three years ago and reinjured last year off work. Was told this was my "own serious medical situation". Received treatment for three months and returned to work for about one week with the "Your position is no longer needed" sppech that I am sure many of you have heard. I have spoken to attorneys about the possibility of filing for disability and they all say I need to be under direct care of aq physician. The problem is that I am unemployed with no income so seeing a physician impossible. I have been to the e.r. once, about three weeks ago with debilitating pain; however I cannot makre this a routine. The e.r. physician told me I needed another mri and reffered me to another orthopedic surgeon, who I can't afford to see. If anyone has ideas for me they would greatly appreciated. In addition if I am able to assist anyone else I will do my best. Thanks.