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Thread: ALJ Denied appeal

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    ALJ Denied appeal

    My name says it all, TOTALLY DEVASTATED!!! what do you do when the law firm wasn't what they said they were,,,,the lawyer whom you had never net showed up 10 minutes before the hearing,,,said very little to me,during hearing the lawyer just set there saying nothing,showing nothing,bringing up nothing,,just sat there scribbling on a piece of paper. Then 2 weeks later you get a ALJ unfavorable letter,full of lies, and false assumptions, which wasn't even brought up to me in the hearing. I have cried for s week since I received the letter. I'm hurt, mad,hopeless,confused,, totally DEVASTATED! They had my life/,future in their hands, and treated me as I'm nothing.

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    Hi, Sorry to hear this. I am new to the forum as of today. Was your attorney local? I would report him to the state bar association.

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    I am so sorry I think you should get a new lawyer and appeal. REPort the old lawyer ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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