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Thread: Applied three far back will my disability payment go?

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    Applied three far back will my disability payment go?

    I have applied online 3 times before i believe an have not herd a word from anyone. Will i receive money from these other times i have applied someone has told me that i will is this true?

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    Just so you know, it can take weeks to hear back from the SSA and most claimants are denied. General information about back pay is below.

    Some people confuse the term back pay with retroactive benefits, but they are not quite the same thing.

    If you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance you may be eligible for retroactive benefits for the twelve months prior to the date of the most recent application (less the 5 month waiting period), but this is assuming you have evidence (medical proof) that your disability began this far back. This is called your onset date and your onset date will not be earlier than the date that you stopped working or performing what the SSA considers substantial gainful activity.

    SSI does not pay retroactive benefits. Benefits for SSI will only go back to the date when you filed you SSI application.

    Now will you receive back pay? Regardless of whether you are filing for SSI or SSDI it is likely that most claimants will receive back pay because benefits are accumulating as the disability applicant is waiting potentially months or years to be approved.

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