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Thread: How can I reschedule my SSDI hearing?

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    How can I reschedule my SSDI hearing?

    march 12 is hearing in springfield mass. no lawyer. can we postpone it if a lawyer asks for postponement?

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    According to the SSA:

    "If the Administrative Law Judge schedules a hearing, you and your representative, if you have one, should attend. It is very important that you attend a scheduled hearing. If for any reason you cannot attend, contact the Administrative Law Judge as soon as possible before the hearing and state the reason.

    The Administrative Law Judge will reschedule the hearing if you have provided a good reason. If you do not go to a scheduled hearing and the Administrative Law Judge decides that you do not have a good reason for not going, your request for hearing may be dismissed."

    It is time to talk to the Administrative Hearing office where your hearing is scheduled and let them know why you cannot attend at the scheduled time.

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