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Thread: Letter for Administrative Judge hearing

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    Letter for Administrative Judge hearing

    I recently received a letter from SSI telling me that I would have a hearing with an administrative judge. I'm worried about being denied SSI, so I will tell you my story...I'm 23, I've been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety, and OCD. I'm very weak all of the time, I sleep 16 hours a day, my schedule becomes messed up, I have suicidal thoughts, I have problems leaving my house, my memory and concentration is weak, and my obsessions/obsessive thoughts drain me. I've had medical problems in the past that stimulated my problems, and in the past 3 years, my only friend committed suicide, and I pulled my unconscious brother off of a noose. My problems have only become worse, and working around people, my strength, and concentration have really taken a toll.

    I'm currently living with my parents, which I heard effects in-kind, but I'm not 100% sure how that works? Also, this all happened during college, and I consequently dropped out, after not being able to take it anymore. Is there anyway I can get some kind of loan forgiveness? I, also, severely doubt I will get any benefits at all, after reading some stories on the internet. Can you give me your opinion on the matter?

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