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Thread: My doctor won't help me.

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    My doctor won't help me.

    The doctor I have now doesn't know what to think about my pain and other symptoms, he has actually asked if my religion has caused it. My previous doctor told disability people that I actually came into his office and declaired myself pain free, which I did not do. How do I fight this? And how do I find a doctor who agrees with any type of pain management besides "you're a woman, you don't need pain meds, act your age, learn to 'deal' with it."? This just makes it that much harder when you can't find a doctor to help.

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    Help with your disability claim questions.
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    My advice is to fill out the FREE evaluation form on our website and let a Social Security Disability lawyer review your claim. If you are not getting the medical care you need or if your medical records do not clearly state your medical health condition and the functional limitations caused by your mental or physical health condition you will have difficulty getting your benefits.

    A Social Security Disability lawyer understands the disability process and can help you get the SSDI or SSI benefits you need.

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