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Thread: Asthma and SSI for my child

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    Asthma and SSI for my child

    what do you have to do to get your child disability for asthma??

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    Children with asthma may qualify for Supplemental Security Income. Asthma is a respiratory disorder in children which, depending on the severity, can be quite serious.

    The Social Security Administration has more information in a book entitled Disability Evaluation for Social Security or Bluebook which outlines the symptoms which must be present in your child for them to be considered disabled.

    Keep in mind that the SSA will require that your child’s history of
    asthma be well-documented. Medical evidence should also outline the types of treatment and the severity of your child’s condition.
    Specific information about their pulmonary function levels must also be listed and must meet the levels as specified by the SSA handbook.

    In general, your child must suffer from asthma attacks (despite of medical treatment), which requires your pediatrician to intervene an average of every two months, or six times per year (a hospital stay counts as two interventions).

    In addition to the medical requirements, your child must also meet the income and resource levels for SSI as outlined by the Federal Government.

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