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Thread: How much can I work while receiving SSI disability?

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    How much can I work while receiving SSI disability?

    How much money can a person earn while collecting SSI. The amount of benefits is $674.00 a month

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    Can some work be done without losing your SSI benefits? Yes, but it is important to contact the Social Security Administration and make sure you understand their rules about work. Misunderstandings and mistakes can cause overpayments that the SSA will require you to pay back or you could completely lose your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

    Before you begin to work you need to understand how the SSA evaluates income. For the SSI program the Social Security Administration will be evaluating what they call your “countable income”. Countable income is the gross amount of your earnings after any expenses necessary to keep you working and less any subsidized earnings provided by your employer. For more detailed information about countable income or earnings, visit the SSA website at

    For SSI or Supplemental Security Income the Social Security Administration looks at your wages each month and computes your SSI benefit for the month based on how much you earned (your Countable Income) in that month.

    In general, the SSA lets you keep the first $65 of your Countable Income. Any earnings above $65 will be used to reduce your Supplemental Security Income payment for that month, reducing the SSI benefit $1 for every $2 that you earn above $65.

    So the amount you can work will be different for each person, depending on their SSI payment, and it is very possible that if you work too much you could completely eliminate your SSI payments for the month or the SSA may determine you are able to perform substantial work and you are no longer disabled.

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