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Thread: Can I work at all while I cam on SSDI?

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    Can I work at all while I cam on SSDI?


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    If a claimant asks if they can get SSDI while they work part-time they frequently are already getting SSDI or they are going to get it and wonder how work will affect their monthly on-going SSDI benefits. So let’s talk about how work can affect your monthly SSDI payments.
    Whether you are attempting to return to full-time work or you want to work part-time and get SSDI, it is important to first talk to the SSA and make sure you understand the ticket to work program.

    The ticket to work program will allow you to work, but if you earn at least $720 (gross earnings) or you are self-employed and you put in a minimum of 80 hours that month working in your own business you will trigger a “trial work month.” The trial work period is limited to nine months within a rolling 60-month period. Claimants will still get a monthly SSDI disability check from the SSA during the trial work period, but they must report their work to the SSA and continue to suffer from a disabling condition.

    Now, here is when it gets tricky. If you work and use up your trial work period you have an additional 36 months of work eligibility, as long as your earnings are not “substantial.” That is defined as income over $1,010 for the non-blind or $1,680 if you are blind.

    Claimants who start having substantial earnings or who pass the extended 36 month period will have their SSDI benefits terminated. An expedited reinstatement is possible, however, if you reapply within 60 months and your condition remains the same or gets worse and you find that you are not able to work.

    So, in conclusion, claimants may work VERY part-time when they are applying for SSDI, but honestly in most cases the SSA will decide that they can work just a little more and will deny their claim. Claimants can also work very part-time when they are receiving SSDI but failure to understand the ticket to work program may trigger a trial work period and claimants could ultimately lose their SSDI benefits.

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