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Thread: Can I get more than $697...

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    Can I get more than $697...

    If I qualify for more than the 697. I get now

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    Help with your disability claim questions.
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    If you do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance but you qualify for Supplemental Security Income the maximum you can receive is based on the annual Federal Benefit Rate (FBR). For 2013, the Federal Benefit Rate is $710 per month. That means the most you can receive individually from the Federal Government on SSI is $710 per month. Some states, however, will add what they call a “state supplemental payment” which may make your payment higher in certain states.

    If you are getting SSI and you are not getting the maximum federal benefit rate you may be doing something to lower your payment or living with someone providing food or shelter or a spouse whose income is reducing your SSI benefits

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