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Thread: Bechet Sydrome and SSDI benefits

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    Bechet Sydrome and SSDI benefits

    I was born with bechet syndrome.It is an incurable disease.I have worked since seventeen years old.My work history shows that I have done nothing but physical work.Along with having bechets syndrome I've suffered a stroke on my twenty seventh birthday.I am no longer able to do anything physical due to my bechets my body is extremely unpredictable I can go days without any pain.But within a week my face,legs,arms,or back will swell up an become very sensitive to touch (making it impossible to move I spend most of my time unable to get out of bed).When this occurs I'm unable to move an most time need to go to the emergency room (all my emegrncy room visits has been documented an submitted to SSI) I've worked as an ironworker for the last five years I've also been going to school an training thru the iron worker apprenticeship (in which I never messed a day an had over a 90% average) I loved my job very much I have worked on the golden gate bridge,built a medical facility in san Quentin prison,and worked on rincon hill one of the tallest apartment buildings in the world ( I was put in the sf chronicle news paper for being the youngest iron worker)I loved to work but for the first time in my life I am unable to work or supports myself the medication that im on an my symptoms make it hard for me to focus an due to my insomnia.I am all ways exhausted and get tired easy from any physical activity. I am in dire need of social security support since I am an have been homeless for over eight month while disability makes it decision.I do not have medical coverage from the ironworkers union anymore due to me no longer being able to work for the pass five years.I have been given a prescription for hydrocodone for the daily pains that I suffer from joints an facial swelling (to the point that i must go to the emergency room)as well as migraines.Im unable to purchase most of my medication,food,or shelter. For the first time in my life I am homeless sleeping in my car by the hospital in case of an emergency or doctors appointment. I have lost my apartment whatever money I do get from friends or family I have to put toward gas since my doctors visits are so frequent.I am able to sleep on the floor at a friends or family's but nothing permeant an I'm only allowed to stay for a few days. I have submitted medical records,doctors notes (from every doctor I see an they all have stated that I'm disabled an not able to work),a list of my prescriptions their side effect that I suffer from an the doctor that wrote the prescription.As an iron worker I am expected to be able to lift over fifty pounds,have balance,and be able to get up at four in the morning for work or school due to the stroke that I suffered from I have no balance or coordination, I can't walk normal any more Im not able to run or climb stairs without both hands on rail. After the stroke I'm unable to move my left eye at all and the entire right side of my body has suffered a reduce in strength an Im unable to move my right hand (I'm naturally right handed so Im no longer able to write,type,screw,twist,shave,or hold any weight for any period of time with my right hand. The medication that I'm on gives me many side effect which include(insomnia,depression,nausea,sensitive stomach,an fatigue). Im also having chemotherapy once a month an I see two physical therapist every Wednesday (they have all written noted stating that I'm unable to work). All my claims have been supported by my doctors in writing a I've submitted all medical records in my reconsideration packet.Im not sure how much longer I can survive this way it's been almost a year since I started this disability process.

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