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Thread: Do you think I can get SSDI

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    Do you think I can get SSDI

    I am a 48yr old female who lives in chronic pain due to many broken bones, bugling discs as well as other health problems. I have shattered my left knew twice, the most recent being 3/4/13. I have shattered my right knee which was wired together, ACL ligament repair on my right knee, broken femur which required pins, broken jaw, skull fracture. I had a minor surgery for skin cancer (The bad kind) and a bilateral breast surgery for cancer which they were able to get. I have chronic anemia due to a bleeding ulcer which has required me to receive blood transfusions many times as well as a perforated ulcer that required me to go in for emergency surgery. I had a gastric bypass surgery of my own choosing but suffer bouts with stomach issues. I am on fetynal patch for pain control, Norco and I was going to a psychristist for anxiety discorder and severe insommnia. For this I take a sleeping med and for aniexety I take xanax 3x a day. I live in chronic pain, can't stand for more then 10 min because of both knees being shot, I can't sit other then in a special chair for more then a half hr because of back pain. I was in a long term rehabalation center for 30 days due to my back and pinched nerves. They gave me steroid inject but no help for pain. At this point I can't walk without a cane, I sit in a special chair because of my back and I'm on some pretty heavy duty pain meds and aniexty meds, driving isn't possible. I tried to go to work for a month and they let me go as I just can't phsyically sit that many hours at a day. This auto accident on 3/4 broke my right ankle, my right wrist and again shattered my left knee. At one time I was diagnosed as having Pulmonary Hypertension due to taking Fen/Phen for years, all though so far I have not needed treatment for it. My "Disability" is chronic pain, arthrisit and anxiety. One of my records states I have rheumetoid arthrisit but I don't have the nodules or deformed joints at this point in time. Do you think I stand a prayers chance at being granted SSDI due to the above? I have documentation, binders full of medical procedures, surgery, emergency room visits etc. I worked at Hewlett Packard for 22yrs and know I have enough "Credits" to apply. Thank you so much. I can't really seem to find any help on chronic pain and SSDI.

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    Help with your disability claim questions.
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    It does sound like you have a good case. The issue at 48 years of age is to try and prove that your conditions "meet or exceed" a listing in the SSA Listing of Impairments. Review the listings for both arthritis and anxiety and see if you have medical evidence to prove your conditions are as severe as the listing. Talk to a lawyer if you need more help.

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