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Thread: Do you think I have a chance at SSDI

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    Do you think I have a chance at SSDI

    I am 48yrs old, female who has worked in the cooporate world 1989-2010. I have enough "Credits" to apply. I live in chronic pain due to many many fractures. I have shattered my left knee twice, it won't bend and required surgery. I have shattered my right knee and it is also wired together. I tore the ACL in my right knee, requiring surgery. I have had a broken jaw, skull fractures, concussions, perforated ulcer requiring surgery. I am chronic anemic requiring many blood transfusions. I was invloved in a auto accident where I once again broke my left knee requiring surgery, broken right wrist and broke my right ankle in two places, broken femu in which required surgery. These fractures will heal, but this has just put my current pain into a all new direction. I am on fetynal, norco and take ambien to sleep due to years of insommnia. I was Rx as having a aniexty disorder and take xanax for this three times a day. I can't drive due to these meds. I can't stand for more then 10 minuets as both knees are shot. I use a cane and I have to sit in a special chair with memory foam and this can only be for about a half hr at a time. My broken right writst has left me with a hard time using my right hand but this isn't documented yet. I have binders full of emergency room visits, surgeries, etc. I also had a broken jaw, skin cancer (The bad kind) and a bilateral breast surgery in which they removed the cancer. I have chronic anemia due to a bleeding ulcer in which I have had to recieve many blood transfusions. The cat scan on my back shows degentative diese and I have had steroid injections but this didn't help. I broke my femur when I was 16yrs old which required surgery and a steel rod put in place. Can people apply for ssdi for the reasons I listed above. Chronic pain and anixety? Thank you

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